Pizza M


This was the night I’d been waiting for! My husband and I were going to see one of my favorite musicians preform at a local club in town. I was beyond excited! Of course the only thing that could make this night better was some tasty food before the concert. I’d been hearing about this new pizza spot in downtown Urbana from a co-worker, and decided tonight would be the night to give it a try. I looked up the menu online and I was immediately excited. The food looked so bright and fresh that my mouth started watering instantly!


Once we reached downtown and parked we set off to find Pizza M. If you have a hard time finding the place just look for the neon green M sign. You can’t miss it! We opened the heavy wooden doors and were greeted by the rich smell of brewing coffee. We walked up to the counter and were welcomed and offered a menu. After looking over the selections we decided on a traditional margarita pizza, although it was hard with so many great choices. They do not offer traditional soft drinks. Instead they have an array of specialty sodas, beer, wine and coffee. I chose a victorian lemonade and my hubby got a black coffee. I loved the lemonade! It was fizzy and not too sweet. Yummy! My hubby said that the coffee was hot and had a rich bold flavor.


Once we had our order in we sat down to relax and check the place out. It has beautiful honey colored wood floors and a loft like feel with a contemporary style. It’s the sort of place you go with a good book to relax and have a great cup of coffee. There was amiable chatter and the music wasn’t too loud or too quiet, just right. It’s a pet peeve of mine when restaurant music is too loud. They also have great art hung on the walls done by a local artist named Glen C. Davies.

Our food arrived within 15 minutes and we dug right in! The pizza was piping hot and beautiful to behold. The basil was fresh and emerald green while the sauce was bright red and fragrant with ripe tomatoes. The fresh and deliciously salty mozzarella was spread around the pizza with a light hand. It was a traditional italian pizza with a crispy thin crust, rich tomato sauce, and smaller amounts of good quality, fresh cheese. I would have liked just a touch more cheese on mine but that’s just me. The bites that I did get with all four components of, crust, cheese, basil and sauce, were scrumptious. Before we knew it the pizza was gone and it was time to head for the concert. The food wasn’t heavy and left me feeling just full enough (It may not of been that way if I had gotten The Deluxe pizza. HAHA!). It was perfect “before concert” food!


We had a great time and look forward to going back with our son! The food was fresh and fast while still being high quality in taste and composition. I think next time I will try The Deluxe! Make sure to grab a cup of coffee while you’re there too!


Pizza M
208 W. Main Street
Urbana, IL

Price Rating: $$


7 Comments Add yours

  1. dfpotten says:

    Another good article! We’ll have to try this place when we get back. Might be cool to write one or two reviews when you’ve visiting the Gulf Coast next week!

  2. Thanks Dad! Yes, I would love to review a few places while we’re there. Do you have some places in mind? πŸ˜‰

  3. Christine Muehling says:

    I will order the same pizza when we go! Is it near Strawberry Fields?

    1. That’s a great idea! Yes, it’s right around the corner from strawberry fields.

  4. Love that! I was thinking the same thing when I was writing about the bread. Can’t wait to share a meal with you and our friends!

  5. Kaneesha Poynter says:

    I Love it all. Pizza M looks amazingand so does your breakfast bread. Keep up the good work.

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