Valentine’s Evening at Lucy B Goode

When I discovered that our trip to Alabama was going to be over Valentine’s day I was thrilled! I’ve never been to the Alabama Gulf Shore and I was sure there would be delicious food and unique restaurants to discover. Specifically,  I wanted to uncover a hidden and romantic gem to set the scene for a romantic evening of indulging the senses. Something on the beach during sunset would fit the bill. I of course went to my Food Network Magazine for guidance and that’s where I found Lulu’s. Lulu’s is a family friendly restaurant featuring live music and outdoor seating. It serves hearty portions of American Cuisine such as shrimp baskets, nachos and burgers and fries. Although it sounded like a blast I wanted a more intimate setting with an upscale, diverse menu. I’ll return and visit Lulu’s someday but it was time to continue the search for my ideal valentine’s experience. I turned to the Trip Advisor app on my phone for more inspiration. After looking for a short time I found a newly opened cafe in the city of Gulf Shores. I looked it up right away and discovered it was right next door to Lulu’s and was owned by the same person, Jimmy Buffet’s sister. It boasted marina views and the food looked so splendid. I was sold!

When Valentine’s evening arrived we excitedly dropped off our son at his Nana and Pop’s and made our way to the restaurant. Gulf Shores was only about 7 miles away from Foley where we were staying. When we arrived the light was already slanted and golden. It looked beautiful reflecting off the teal exterior of the coastal cafe in the distance. We walked hand in hand through the breezy doorway and were graciously greeted by the manager and hostess. We were immediately ushered to our table which had glorious views of the marina. I especially loved that we were seated by the kitchen! The atmosphere was casual with an air of class. The wood used for the structure of the building was weathered and it looked like it had a story of it’s own. I asked the manager about it and sure enough it did. It was reclaimed wood from a WWII Barricks in New York. The decor was coastal comfort and breezy elegance. The tables were set with Ball mason jars and fresh flowers.


Over the bar hung a large scrap metal shrimp constructed by a local Alabama artist. It was exquisite and it added to the relaxed coastal feel.


It’s a relaxing place with an open concept that makes you feel a sense of community with the other diners. The space embraces you and makes you want to linger.

Our waitress came over to take our drink orders and say hello. She was so kind and genuinely energetic about the menu. I chose a strawberry daiquiri mocktail while my husband chose a local Alabama beer called Naked Pig Pale Ale. They had a great selection of local beers including one created by the owner herself.

IMG_0414 (1)IMG_0413

Our drinks came out in no time and we sipped on them as we excitedly began to look over the menu. The restaurant serves hot plates, cold plates and desserts. The waitress explained to us that Lucy wanted to serve smaller plates at Lucy B Goode as a nod to healthful eating. We decided to try an item from every category. For my cold plate I chose the iceberg salad with fresh cherry tomatoes, a creamy herb dressing, garlic croutons and fresh shaved parmesan.


My hubby got the shrimp salad with avocado, sweet peppers and a cilantro lemon-lime aioli, finished with citrus zest. My iceberg lettuce was cold and crisp. The tomatoes were firm and fresh and the herb dressing was divinely herbaceous. The freshly shaved parmesan was generous and had a wonderfully salty bite. My hubby found the shrimp to be meaty and sweet. He said it tasted like they had been caught that very day. He also enjoyed the ripe avocado and said the citrus ailoi was fresh and creamy.


Now it was time for the main event…the warm plates!
After perusing the offerings my hubby decided on the sticky sweet black bean pork ribs with jicama slaw. He thought the meat was well seasoned and braised to perfection. The meat was falling off the bone and the sauce was sweet and glossy.


I decided on the grilled beef tenderloin medallions with smashed potatoes, sautéed spinach and crab hollandaise. The meat was cooked to a beautiful medium rare and had a nice crust on the outside. The beef was tender and the portion was perfect. The potatoes were seasoned well and were smooth and buttery. I don’t care for crab so I handed the crab hollandaise over to the hubby.


Finally it was time for dessert and I still couldn’t decide between the chocolate spoon cake and the caramel apple skillet cake. After great deliberation I ordered the caramel apple skillet cake with fresh vanilla bean ice cream. It proved to be a wonderful choice. It arrived with fragrant steam rising up into the air as they set it on the table. It was presented in the skillet with vanilla bean ice cream in the center and was garnished with powdered sugar. The sides of the cake looked a little crunchy and dark so I dove right into the soft gooey center with the vanilla ice cream melting into it. It had just the right amount of sweetness and the cake was moist and dripping with melted vanilla ice cream. The apples had a nice bite while still being tender. It was absolutely delicious and when I go back I’ll get that very same thing to end my meal.


My Valentine’s experience was definitely a treat for the senses. The atmosphere was coastal elegance and the location on the marina was perfect for a romanic evening. I can’t say enough about the excellent service, it was outstanding! Our server Sarah was knowledgeable and had a real passion for her job. She was a delight to meet and I will request to be put in her section when we return.


The food was creative, fresh and comforting. I left feeling perfectly full. We had a deliciously romantic Valentine’s Day thanks to Lucy and her stunning cafe.
Lucy B Goode Coastal Cafe
202 EAST 25TH AVE.
Price Rating: $$$

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  1. dfpotten says:

    Good save of the article Becca – Great article. Rosellen and I enjoyed your evening out also because we got to be with Aiden. Thank you for visiting. Miss you… Dad

  2. Diana Spanninger says:

    Wonderful! Love hearing about tasty foods. I’ve often thought of taking a food trip around our country… maybe you should join me. Diana

    1. Thank you for reading my post. A food trip is the best idea ever! I’m there!! 🙂

  3. Wonderful review. I could smell the ocean air and feel the sand between my toes. Gracias!

  4. Great review. I would love to eat there,and just enjoy the atmosphere! The dessert sounded fantastic!

  5. Somehow, that shrimp salad really speaks to me!

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