Pancake Saturday

This past Saturday my son was incredibly excited about a new show called Zerby Derby. The show consists of little talking cars and trucks having adventures together. I decided to create a special derby breakfast for my little guy.

“We” woke up early to start breakfast, my little man was up at 630! It was two hours until show time so we didn’t have to rush our breakfast prep. Little man started to play with his cars while we slowly slid into the kitchen, eyes halfway shut. I remembered that we had a few construction cookie cutters and I instantly thought of pancakes. Easy peasy! I mixed up the pancake batter, with a little help, as my hubby started to fry up the turkey sausage.

photoWe made large pancakes and cut out car and truck shapes with the cookie cutters. (I often use this method at lunch with pb&j and grilled turkey sandwiches etc.) Β The turkey sausage became monster trucks wheels which was a huge hit. We sliced up some gala apples and that was that. A Zerby Derby pancake breakfast!


While breakfast was gobbled up, me and the hubby grabbed a few winks. It was a blissful Saturday morning eating in!


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  1. dfpotten says:

    Yet another good review – this time for your own kitchen rather than a restaurant!

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