Alexander’s Steakhouse

We were in the mood for a good hearty steak but had no idea where to go. I turned to my local Facebook friends for advise. After mulling over a few of the ideas we finally settled on Alexander’s Steakhouse. It’s a staple here in Champaign, IL and I hadn’t been there in years. I was eager to see if the food was as delicious as I remembered.

We were excited to start our date night so we arrived early at 4:30 before the dinner rush. It’s the first time I remembered being there when the parking lot wasn’t jammed full of vehicles. We walked in and the air was filled with the sweet smell of grill smoke. At Alexander’s you have the option to grill your own meat. Large charcoal grills are set up near the dining floor so you can grill yourself and possibly enjoy a cocktail. The DIY grilling is one of the reasons we go to Alexander’s. For me watching the grillmaster fill the charcoal and rake the fiery red coals adds to the whole steakhouse experience.


We were seated quickly and the friendly waitress took our drink orders. We told her we were going to grill and select our own meat from the case. She then directed us to the plentiful salad bar which came with our meal. The salad was fresh and you have an option of mixed greens or spinach. There are also basic salad toppings fresh veggies, several pasta salads, and cottage cheese to choose from. We sat down and devoured our salads and before we knew it, it was time for the main event.

This time I was going to choose and grill my own steak for the very first time! In the past my husband or father have done the grilling, but tonight I would do the honors. We walked up to the meat case to browse the selection of cuts. The meat was fresh and there was a wide selection including ready made kabobs, marinated steaks, and fish. My hubby and I both chose Kansas City cut steaks, which are just a thickly cut New York Strip.


We seasoned our steaks up with salt and pepper and excitedly placed them on the searing hot grill. While I was waiting I buttered a thick piece of texas toast, they provide the butter and bread, and tossed it on the grill. I snackedย while I was waiting for my steak to cook.


When the steaks were medium rare we retrieved them from the grill and headed to our table by the bar. The steaks were juicy and fresh just what I was craving. I had managed to get a nice crust on the outside of my steak and not overcook it. Yes, another triumph right up there with my first batch of fudgey brownies! I’m on a roll!


To go along with the steaks we ordered sautรฉed mushrooms. They arrived swimming in a divine pool of glossy melted butter. As I remembered the mushrooms were seasoned well and cooked to perfection.


The food did not disappoint. The music however did. We had Selena Gomez and Usher blaring in our ears all evening. It’s great when you’re cruising in your car or out dancing but not at a nice steakhouse. I even left before I had my skillet cookie! Maybe next time. My only other gripe was that the decor of the place has not changed since I was a young girl. It’s very clean and well kept but it needs some updating love.

We had a nice time and we’ll be back to eat again.The experience of grilling with other aspiring grill masters is a joy and the beef is high quality and delicious (the manager told me the beef is sourced from Iowa). I recommend this place for a true steakhouse experience.

Alexander’s Steakhouse

202 West Anthony Drive

Champaign, IL.


(217) 359-1789



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  1. Diana Spanninger says:

    Kristen worked at Alexanders in Peoria for a couple of years, hostess and waitress. She made good tips and always thought highly of the restaurant. We had good food there too. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I think the ample salad bar makes it easier for those not wild about meat to get a good meal. I would go just for those mushrooms and the smells!

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