Cactus Grill


I had never eaten at the locally owned and operated Champaign restaurant Cactus Grill, but I was curious. This afternoon after my hubby got back from a long run he was craving something fresh and hearty. I suggested Mexican food and that’s when he mentioned Cactus Grill. We glanced over the menu and decided to give it a try. I choose the honey grilled chicken quesadilla and my hubby chose a chipotle grilled steak salad. The quesadilla was thick and it dripped with melted cheeses and toppings. The honey chicken was sticky sweet and fresh. The salad was also very large and was topped with a thick layer of beautiful white cheese. Other than having a few too many black beans for our taste the salad was delicious. It was just the hearty meal my man was looking for! I think next time I’ll try one of the daily lunch specials. My first experience with Cactus Grill was excellent and I can’t wait to try more.

Cactus Grill

1405 South Neil Street

Champaign, IL


(217) 351-8226



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