An Easter…Oops!

We were in quite a rush this morning getting dressed up and getting ready to have the family over for supper. I hadn’t gotten around to making my old fashioned sugar cookies, so at the last minute I decided on a strawberry crumble.

After our family arrived and we ate a beautiful supper, I began to assemble the dessert. This time I didn’t use a recipe. Big mistake. I saw that my confidence had gotten the best of me as I pulled the soupy crumble from the oven. Crumble is a simple dessert and I had failed! I was pretty bummed for a minute, but then I realized. I knew exactly what I had done wrong and all I could do was try again next time. It was a little embarrassing but I’ll recover. Next Easter I’ll really impress them!

Cooking is a series of triumphs and failures but it’s well worth the practice. The triumphs are edible after all. Happy cooking friends!


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  1. dfpotten says:

    Not only cooking, but LIFE is “a series of triumphs and failures” as well. When all done you hope to have more triumphs than failures – and – so far you (and I) are succeeding πŸ™‚

    1. Yes that is true. We actually put the crumble in the fridge and it set up…sort of. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oma says:

    It was a wonderful Easter dinner–we didn’t miss the dessert–we had Aiden’s Easter candy πŸ™‚

  3. What went wrong? You left me intigued.

    1. I needed to add flour to the crumble and I really should have used the recipe. In baking I’ve learned you need to use a recipe. In savory cooking it’s much easier to cook without a recipe. Thanks for reading!

  4. What went wrong? I am intrigued

  5. It’s easy to talk about what goes well, and yet we learn a lot when things don’t go as we expected! Congrats on your honesty!

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