The Urbana Butcher Shop

Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting take away from a unique new spot in Downtown Urbana. The name of this locally-sourced organic meat business is The Urbana Butcher Shop. Owner Josh Boyd, former Sous Chef at Bacaro wine lounge located in downtown Champaign, is not a stranger to the food scene here in Champaign, Urbana. He’s recently gotten some good buzz about his late night dinners at Black Dog Smoke and Ale House and he was also named the chef de cuisine at Carmon’s Bistro which has since closed.(I was never sure why Carmon’s closed. They had such beautiful food! It was my favorite Sunday Brunch spot.) I’m so pleased that this local chef chose to open his own storefront. They offer locally-sourced organic meat, a wide variety of sausages, and charcuterie items.

In addition to organic meat and hand crafted sausages, they also offer a short menu. The Saturday we got take out the selections were for example,warm spinach salad with bacon, croutons, blue cheese, and a sunny side up egg. Then there was the sloppy joe with Kansas City barbecue sauce, cheddar, corn, and relish on a pretzel bun. I got the 1/2 pound hamburger with pancetta, cheddar and special sauce on a pretzel bun. The meat was fresh and juicy and cooked to a nice medium. The cheddar was sharp and good quality, but the pancetta was what left beautiful salty memories on my taste buds. The bun was soft with a nice pretzel chew on the outside, delicious. It was one of those times when I knew I was full, but I couldn’t stop eating. The burger was just that good.



My husband Corey chose the smoked rabbit with kale and mustard barbecue sauce on a pretzel bun. The rabbit was juicy and tender, and the kale was cooked well. The pieces of kale could have been chopped a little smaller but the taste was there. Corey also enjoyed the salty and delicious pretzel bun.


For our son we selected the chili cheese dog with Cincinnati chili, cheddar cheese, and pickled onion on a pretzel bun.


I tasted it and it was sweet from the chili and smokey from the sausage. Sweet and smokey is one of my favorite combos! The hot dog reminded me of a smoked sausage. It had a beautiful pink smoke ring on the outside.


My son loved the pretzel bun as much as I did!  All of the meals came with a zesty cheese sauce and fresh hand cut fries that were finished with seasoned salt.

The meals were a little pricey but well worth it. Our food was hearty, fresh and satisfying. I whole heartedly recommend stopping by when you’re in the Urbana area for a juicy organic burger and some deliciously fresh french fries. I sincerely hope to see many other businesses like this one popping up in the Champaign, Urbana area in the near future. Let’s support our local businesses and support the revitalization of our downtown areas!

The Urbana Butcher Shop


119 West Main Street

Urbana, IL. 61820

(217) 607-2622


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. dfpotten says:

    Sounds like a good place. Do they have other unique meats than rabbit? Another place to visit.

    1. Thanks for reading! They also had pheasant and cornish game hens from local farms in the area. Cool place!

  2. Wow… You really find these new good places in Champaign-Urbana! This is another great place to try. Burgers are one of the rare meat things I really like.

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