Grilled Corn Salad

Here in Illinois we have an abundance of beautiful golden corn. Luckily, it’s my favorite vegetable and I never tire of trying it in new ways. For our Mother’s Day cookout last weekend I wanted to do something a little more complex than just corn on the cob. I needed some inspiration. I began flipping through my Food Network Magazine and found a simple recipe for a corn relish. It looked so delicious but I wanted to incorporate even more veggies. I took it one step further and created my own version of a corn salad. I wanted something fresh and colorful that would be healthy for my family. The corn was the star of the dish and my family ended up loving it. My son even ate the pepper! Three cheers for Mommy!


4 ears of corn

1 roma tomato

half of a red bell pepper

half of an onion

1 stalk of green onion

2 tablespoons of fresh cilantro

1/8 cup of olive oil

Kosher salt, to taste

freshly ground black pepper, to taste


Start by soaking your corn in cold water with 1 tablespoon of salt. Soak for about 10 minutes. 


Shake off any excess water. Place the corn on the grill for 10-15 minutes turning every 5 minutes.


Remove corn from the grill and set aside to cool.


Dice the tomatoes, onion, green onion, red pepper, and cilantro.


Place in a medium sized bowl. Cut the corn from the cob and place into the bowl with the other vegetables.


Dress with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.


(I looked away for a few moments during my prep and when I looked back, I found that I had gained a sweet little helper. Precious!)



Combine. Serve right away or store in the refrigerator and serve cold.




6 Comments Add yours

  1. dfpotten says:

    I too love corn and just recently spoke of grilled corn. Your grandfather, my father used to grill corn at BBQ’s – YUMMY. Your salad looks good and I bet tastes even better! I love your sweet helper. He looks so intent in the picture making sure he stirs it just right.

    1. Thank you! He sure was a good helper. I’m going to have him cooking meals for me soon! 😉

  2. thehungrymum says:

    Love fresh corn – especially charred like this. Such a healthy looking dish!

  3. I love dishes where the corn is cut off the cob–Grandmother Nunes used to make some. This looks so fresh and delicious—have to have it at a cookout this summer!

  4. Annie says:

    I’m totally obsessed with corn this time of year, that looks delicious!

    1. Me too. 🙂 Thank you!!

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