Rain, Rain, Rain! That’s what I woke up to on the morning of our fancy anniversary dinner.  I look forward to our special evening every year. I was a little bummed but no less excited for what the evening had in store. We again narrowed our choices down to a couple of restaurants. It was between Bacaro Wine Bar and Miga, both well reviewed upscale restaurants in downtown Champaign. I couldn’t make up my mind so I finally let my husband make the final call. It was Miga.

We got all dressed up, dropped off the kids and were finally off on our latest culinary adventure. Miga is right across the street from the hotel we had booked for the night so, we counted down from 5 and took off across the street in the pouring down rain. Luckily since we didn’t have far to go the damage to my new dress and heels was minimal (HaHa!). We entered the restaurant through the sleek glass doors and were met with a warm smile from the hostess. We had a reservation and were promptly seated. Our table was incredible. The atmosphere has a very urban feel with low lighting and a lot of grey tones and natural wood. They have an expansive stone wall at the back of the restaurant that has old black and white movies playing on it. We were seated right next to it. It was so romantic!


The bar was beautiful and lined with tempting looking wines. I thought, if the atmosphere is this lovely the food must be beautiful. I was definitely ready to start perusing my menu!


After going over the menu I decided on a glass of sparkling sangria for my cocktail and the beef Ssam for my appetizer. My husband Corey chose the sea scallop with bacon foam. It was difficult to choose but our waiter was very well informed and seemed to have tasted everything, he gladly helped with our final selections. Not only was he well informed but when he talked about the food you could tell he was passionate about it. He had  many wonderful things to say about chef Jae and his food.

My sparkling sangria was delicious but I think they may have forgotten half of it in the kitchen. It could have just seemed that way because of the monstrous glass it was served in. In either case it was chilled, refreshing and fruity.


My beef Ssam was presented on a beautiful white platter with the meat served on a little Korean grill. The plating was fun and modern. The beef was well seasoned and perfectly medium rare. It was so tender! The dish was served with lettuce cups, white rice, kimchi relish and a spicy red sauce. The crunch from the fresh lettuce cups and the succulent beef along with the spicy sauce was divine (the rice was yummy too). I would order it again in a heart beat. Just heaven!



Corey’s scallop was seared nicely on both sides and perfectly opaque. Unfortunately the bacon foam, while pretty, was lacking in flavor. The scollop was tender and melt in your mouth. Underneath, the lentils were were well seasoned and cooked to a nice al dente. A very successful dish!


After devouring our starters we were ready for the main event, the entrees.

The menu looked amazing. It had an Asian-American fusion flair. I decided on the soy cream pasta with mushrooms, basil, peppers and crushed red pepper, served with a breaded chicken cutlet. The waiter said it was an employee favorite so I knew I couldn’t go wrong. This chicken cutlet was incredibly tender and juicy. The breading was light and airy yet somehow crisp and crunchy. The bowtie pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente. The peppers were a little over but nothing too offensive. The mushrooms had the nice bite and the basil was fresh and fragrant. The star was the soy cream sauce! After the pasta started to disappear I actually ate the sauce with my spoon. I really did! It was salty from the parmesan and a little sweet from the soy cream, then the extra cheese grated over the top that sank into the dish and melted into a gooey symphony of goodness. That just put it over the top! Amazing!  I thought about that dish for the next three days. I was craving it like crazy. I still can’t wait to go back and have it again.


Corey ordered the white butter fish which was marinated in sake and served with wasabi cream sauce and a soy balsamic reduction, topped with fish roe and a seaweed salad. Visually the dish was stunning! He said that the fish was tender and flavorful and the seaweed salad on top was fresh and added a nice crunchy texture. The wasabi sauce was thick and creamy with a kick of heat. The spiciness complemented everything nicely. It was a great dish!



To my dismay I was too overly stuffed to enjoy any dessert that evening. I look forward to going back soon and trying the mochi ice cream!

Although the rain never let up we had a wonderfully fabulous and memorable evening. I always enjoy a good culinary adventure with my best friend for life!


I highly recommend Miga for business dinners, romantic evenings, or a night out with the girls. Thank you Miga and staff for making our time with you so deliciously memorable!



301 N. Neil St. Ste104
Champaign, IL 61820


Sun – Thur, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Last Seating at 8:45 PM

Fri – Sat, 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Last Seating at 9:30 PM


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  1. Another winner blog! Made my mouth water for tastes I’ve never experienced. You really bring the dining experience into my home to be exceedingly enjoyed.

    1. Thank you Diana! That means so much!! 😊

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