Baxter’s American Grille is Headed to Champaign

Photo from Baxter’s Website

Yet another new restaurant is headed our way this summer! A small, independent restaurant located in Bloomington has decided to spread their wings and build a new location right here in Champaign. Baxter’s American Grille will be moving into the old Prairie Fire building at 100 Trade Center Drive. The owner, Rod Burchett, told The News Gazette that there is a lot to do, but they hope to open as soon as July. The restaurant will be serving up Classic American Cuisine in a family dining atmosphere. They will be offeringΒ a kid’s menu.

lunch_web 2

Baxter’s American Grille looks like a possible new go-to family spot. I’m excited they’ve chosen to make our community their new home.

Photo from Baxter’s Website

The food on their website looks delicious. I can’t wait to try this place!


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