The Empanadas House

Empanadas are stuffed bread or pastry that is baked or fried. They are traditionally stuffed with meats, cheeses, veggies or fruits. In Colombia, South America, where I was born, they are a very common street food. Although most of them are consumed in the month of December, Colombians enjoy empanadas through out the year. They usually use the same corn meal that is used to make arepas, another popular street food. They’re so convenient and quick if you’re on the go.

I’ve had empanadas locally several times from a truck called The Empanadas House. They were at the Urbana Farmer’s Market one day when I was particularly famished. I remember them being delish as well as very budget friendly.

They are now offering delivery! Oh happy day! I splurged a little the other day and ordered two different kinds of empanadas. They offer ground beef, spicy ground beef, chicken, spicy chicken, bbq pork and Bombay spicy empanada. They also have a variety of drinks to choose from. I wanted to order one of each, but reluctantly I did not. I finally decided on the spicy chicken and the bbq pork.


The spicy chicken lives up to it’s name. The chicken was juicy and plentiful but, I almost broke out into a sweat as I devoured it. I love spicy food so I didn’t mind at all! The bbq pork was sweet and tender. Both of the empanadas were a nice golden brown color and weren’t overly greasy.

I can’t wait for my next cheat day so I can try some more flavors. If you love empanadas like I do, I highly recommend giving The Empanadas House a try!

The Empanadas House

404 E Green St
Champaign, IL 




 Featured image by Ronald Janki


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