Slim Chickens Coming to Champaign

Slim Chickens is a southern food restaurant specializing in…you guessed it, chicken. The first location was opened in Fayetteville, AR. by founders Greg and Tom. After opening their first place they had so much success, that they now have locations all over the nation. One of their newest places will be right here in Champaign.


They’ll be serving up fresh hand-made chicken tenders, wings, chicken and waffles, sandwiches, salads, wraps and of course rich sweet treats. The owners are very proud of their food and say, “Customers tell us that Slims has changed their weekly routines—that our food was simply life changing, and that they can’t get enough. No joke.” After hearing that it makes me want to try their food even more!

On the Slim Chickens website it says that they’re coming soon and plan to open at 2037 South Neil Street. I’ll keep you guys posted on an opening date. Looking forward to giving this place a try!



All photos from Slim Chickens website


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