Hamilton Walker’s Opening Approaches

The much anticipated Hamilton Walker’s steakhouse, opening in Champaign Fall 2016, is well on its way to opening day! The restaurant will be a 40’s inspired steakhouse built in the heart of Downtown Champaign.


The history behind Hamilton Walker’s is just as rich as the decadent food. It was once Walker’s Opera House and was later opened as the Hamilton Hotel. The great minds behind this exciting new venture are very intent on keeping the history of the place alive.

201 North Neil Street_Walker Opera House_NW Neil and Park Street (2)

Although I told you earlier that the opening date would be in late July, like it is with most restaurants, the early opening date is just a projection. Generally adding a month or two or three is the norm in the restaurant world. Now they are headlong into construction and hiring has begun in full force. If you love food and want a fun and inspiring place to work, this is your place! Hurry to the website today and take a look at the exciting jobs available.


Construction is well underway at the site. Just today a very special delivery arrived. The brand new one of a kind Hamilton Walker’s marquee sign! It has been affixed to the front of the restaurant in all of its shining glory.

HW Marquee Sign: Photo Courtesy of Brian Margulis

I can’t wait to share all of the post party fun with you guys! More soon…


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  1. Rudy Taylor says:

    Very much anticipated steakhouse in Champaign. Really yummy and fresh foods. I will suggest more people to go Hamilton Walker’s for fresh and tasty seafood and steakhouse….

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