Hamilton Walker’s: A Sneak Peek

Today was a very exciting day for me. You know what, exciting doesn’t even come close to touching how amazing my morning was. I had the chance of a lifetime to, again, see inside the much talked about Hamilton Walker’s Steakhouse.

I fought the wind as I headed down Neil Street to the location of the new Hamilton Walker’s. I didn’t mind the wind a bit, all I could think about was the moment the door opened, and I got to see inside a place that was previously just the shell of an idea. I got to the front entrance and was greeted kindly by the General Manager, JJ Dupuy and Creative Hospitality Associates Executive, Brian Margulis. Now it was time to go in!


We stepped through the front entrance and my eyes were immediately drawn to the long bar and white, grey and black marble tiles. The tiles looked so pretty I felt as though I should tiptoe across the floor. I looked back up to the expansive bar with it’s heavy wood and beautiful columns. I could imagine the bartender there mixing up all sorts of tasty concoctions. There’s a designated bar area that is completely set apart from the dining room. Clever.

We headed outside, and I was led to the back door through the outdoor seating area. (little inside info: there will be a cigar bar!) After surveying the pristine, top of the line kitchen, I was finally shown the dining rooms. Let me tell you, they definitely have the wow factor. The ceiling in the dining areas are high and the walls are painted a calming grey with warm wood trim. The crown molding is luxuriously wide and heavy, which adds depth and grandeur to the space. Along with the grey walls, there were intriguing pops of textured gold wall paper. I was especially impressed with all of the unique lighting, the chandeliers are incredibly unique. HW has paid attention to every tiny detail down to the bathroom countertops (which are gorgeous by the way.) The booths, tables and chairs should be in as soon as next week.


During the time I was taking this exciting tour, there must have been at least 20 different men and women working to get the place up and running. The energy and excitement was palpable. I looked at the shirts and sweatshirts of the workers and all of the companies I saw were local. In my first meeting with Brian Margulis he stressed how important it is to Hamilton Walker’s to support the local community. Almost all of the 100 employees that will be hired will also be locals. It was inspiring to see this place so rich in local history, alive once again.

The last stop was the basement. It won’t be ready for the opening, but it’s well on it’s way. As I walked down the steps this time, I was met with the smell of wet paint and freshly cut wood. The basement was lit up so I could finally see all the way to the back. The space is enormous. It’s full of original exposed brick columns that will remain and be restored. I also hear that it may become a supper club complete with live music. We climbed the steps back to the dining room and concluded the tour. (There is also an elevator that runs to the basement level.)

My time inside Hamilton Walker’s was incredibly special. This is the first restaurant I have seen from conception, to construction, to completion. Although it’s not completed yet, I will get a chance to see the place finished and in action at the Sneak Peak Dinner coming up soon. I can’t wait!


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