Slim Chickens in Champaign

The other evening I took my family out to eat at the newest chain restaurant to hit the area. I admit this particular restaurant had peaked my interest. They not only boast fast food, but they also offer one of the best dishes ever created (in my opinion). My favorite sweet and savory combo of all time, chicken and waffles. I have had some pretty good chicken and waffles lately, so I was as skeptical as I was intrigued. I made sure to go hungry because I had a lot to sample. Luckily, I brought my kids along with me to be my little foodie assistants.

We got to Slim Chickens at about 5:30pm on a Saturday evening. The early hour was intentionally chosen in order to avoid long lines. My boys hate long lines and aren’t afraid to voice it (they’re 6 and 1 1/2 years old).

The building was on the small side compared to what I’d been expecting. The exterior looks like an industrial chicken coop. The outdoor patio was quaint and lit up by a string of lights strung across the wooden beams of the ceiling. It made me wish it was a little warmer out so we could enjoy it.



Once we were inside we stood in a short line and looked over the menu board as we waited. After a quick wait (we got there early) we ordered up our food, collected our table number and went on a hunt for the perfect table. In this case that was a booth since I had both of my boys with me.


Our food came out in about 10 minutes, not bad at all. They set before us a generous portion of chicken and waffles, chicken tender meals for the boys, a grilled chicken salad, and a slew of sides. The waffle was good but nothing compared to the waffles at locally owned chicken shack Watson’s, but the white meat fried chicken piled on top of the waffle was suprisingly tender and juicy.


Even though I was super full after the chicken and waffles, I still pushed through and sampled some sides. The mac and cheese also took me by suprise, it was really creamy and had great seasoning. The potato salad while good was just that, good.

The breaded muchrooms were very good. The crust was crispy and the mushrooms were well cooked. I hate it when you order breaded mushrooms with the perfect crust, only to bite into them and get a mushy mushroom. Eww. In addition to the sides I tried a bite of the boys kids meals (which comes with a drink, texas toast, fries and a drink). The chicken tenders were just like the meat on the waffles, tender and juicy, and the breading was cripsy and seasoned well. The fries were wonderfully salty, skinny and crisp. I love skinny fries!


The grilled chicken salad was fresh but just average, the chicken again was very tender.


Our bellies were full at this point and it was time to head back home. We left the restaurnt in a delightful food stupor and poured ourselves into the car.

I suddenly remebered I’d heard that Slim Chickens had these amazing jar desserts. At the last minute we pulled into the drive-thru to give them a try. We ordered a chocolate brownie and a cheesecake. Seriously, the desserts are so cute. They come in real glass mason jars with a screw top lid. I opened the top of the brownie jar and inhaled the smell of the sweet chocolate. The brownie was layered with chocolate pudding, heath bar pieces and topped off with whipped cream studded and more heath bar. It was truly dreamy and I can’t wait to go back and have it again. The cheesecake was devored before I could try it, so I can’t report on that one, but it looked tasty.


By the time we pulled into the driveway I was wishing that I had worn my stretchy pants. I was so full I didn’t eat until lunch the next day. When I go back next time, I’ll have to take it easy on myself and only eat off of my own plate. Ha!

This was an affordable, quick, yummy place to take my family and the service  was friendly and attentive. The kids and I will be going back again soon with Daddy in tow. We know he’ll enjoy it too!

Slim Chickens

2037 S Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820

Monday-Sunday 10:30am-10pm

(217) 356-7546








4 Comments Add yours

  1. What in the world is there not to love about chicken and waffles? The photo is making my mouth water!

    1. I totally agree! It tasted just as good as it looks. 😃

  2. justinhood88 says:

    You have convinced me to try it! I, for some reason, thought it was going to be a bland and boring place. I’m not the biggest fan of chicken by itself but those chicken and waffles sound amazing. I will definitely be checking this out in the near future!

    Good post! Thank you!

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