Sweet Food Truck Rolls into Champaign

The food truck scene here in Champaign just got a whole lot sweeter! Leslie Till and Matt Doyle have teamed up to bring you the locally owned, Oh, Honey Pie food truck. On weekends they will be parked around Champaign and at local farmers markets serving up thier cute little mini pies for $6-$7 each, and you can also buy beautiful pre-ordered full sized pies for $20-$25. I kinda prefer pies to cake, although it’s an incredibly close call, so I’m super pumped about this new addition to our award winning food community.

Photo by: Rick Danzl/The News-Gazette

Matt and Leslie were both raised and went to school here in Champaign, IL. The’re now living in lovely Downtown Champaign with thier fur babies, 3 cats and thier dog Luce.

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Photo: Oh, Honey Pie Website

Leslie developed her love of cooking and baking from the time she spent with her grandfather in the kitchen creating German meals for the family. Home cooking was a huge part of Leslie’s childhood. Now she’s going to share that love of food with us!



Using quality ingredients is also very important to this dynamic duo. They use locally sourced fruit when they can, pure butter and buttermilk is a must, and they use local organic honey from a family farm. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And, as all of the foodies in the world know, the secret to any mouth-watering dish is utilizing fresh, quality ingredients. Some of the yummy pies that especially peaked my interest were: Peach Cream Pie, Chocolate Chess Pie, and the Strawberry Buttermilk Pie.


I’m gonna treat my family to some mini pies this weekend, and I’ll report back to you ASAP. I can’t wait to try these little pies and meet the inspiring team behind this sweet new food truck! Don’t forget as always….eat local C-U! 🙂


For more info: http://www.honeypietruck.com/ or give them a call at: 217-840-7487 

Pie photos credit: Oh, Honey Pie Website


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