Hamilton Walker’s: A Sneak Peek

Today was a very exciting day for me. You know what, exciting doesn’t even come close to touching how amazing my morning was. I had the chance of a lifetime to, again, see inside the much talked about Hamilton Walker’s Steakhouse. I fought the wind as I headed down Neil Street to the location of the…

Red Robin Set to Open at Marketplace Mall

Red Robin gourmet burger restaurant will soon be opening on Marketplace property outside the mall. The News-Gazette first reported they are aiming for an August opening date. I’m always seeing those commercials, Red Robin…Yummm! Now I can finally try one of the yummy burgers I’ve been teased with for so long! There is talk of…

The Inside Scoop at Hamilton Walker’s

After writing my previous post about Hamilton Walker’s Steakhouse and the history behind it, I sent a message through social media requesting an invite to the Grand Opening. I have done this before, sometimes with no response, but this time that was not the case. A few weeks passed and I went on my daily routine of…

Watson’s Shack & Rail to Open in Downtown Champaign

Watson’s Shack & Rail will be opening in Downtown Champaign this fall. They’ll be taking over the space at 211 North Neil Street formerly known as Boltini Bar and Lounge. Watson’s will be serving up Nashville hot chicken, fresh biscuits, tomato pudding, smashed potatoes smothered in their house made gravy, just to name a few….

The Fig-Horn

It was our long awaited girl’s night! We had plans to relax and savor some drinks and appetizers. Originally it was going to be at a ramen house, but because of “Unofficial” St. Patrick’s weekend our significant others talked us into saving it for another night. We began discussing new ideas when it hit me….